CB Radio Service Manuals

Serivce Manuals, Owners Manuals and Schematic Diagrams for UK CB Radios. Most of these files provided here will be PDF documents. You will need a suitable document reader such as Adobe Reader or the free Nitro Reader to view the manuals. These manuals have been found on the internet and are provided for reference only, free of charge, we take no responsibility for their contents, their accuracy or their original source, please abide by any copyright statements that may be included with the manuals.

Midland Alan 48+ Excel Midland Alan 48 Excel

Midland Alan 48+ Excel Multi, a modern reliable multiband CB Radio capable of 26mhz-28mhz FM/AM operation at 4w. Has frequency and channel readout and features a traditional style real signal meter. Great for mobile and looks the part mounted in a vehicle via the DIN facia plate which enables mounting via a standard car radio hole.

Alan 48 Owners Manual | Alan 48 Service Manual

Midland Alan 78+ Midland Alan 78+

Midland Alan 78+ is the little brother to the Midland Alan 48 Excel, featuring the same basic design but streamlined down to smaller more basic unit. Another good choice for mobile use where installation space is limited, this compact little performer wont let you down.

Alan 78 Owners Manual | Alan 78 Schematic Diagram

Rotel RVC240 CB Radio Rotel RVC 240

Packed full of features, the Rotel RVC-240 was one of the most sought after CB Radios of all time here in the UK. The Cybernet chassis used in the Rotel 240 was the same board as the Harrier CBX, Fidelity 2000 and the York JCB-863 among others but the Rotel RVC-240 simply came out on top due to its stunning looks.

Rotel 240 Schematic Diagram | Rotel 240 Service Manual

Uniden 100 200 Audioline 340 341 Uniden | Audioline

The Uniden 100, 200 and the Audioline 340, 341 are very popular CB Radios in the United Kingdon. Both units been very similar inside and out with the smaller and compact Uniden 100 and Audioline 340 trimmed down versions of their big brothers Uniden 200 and Audioline 341.

Uniden | Audioline Service Manual | Uniden | Audioline Schematic Diagram

Amstrad 901 CB Radio Amstrad CB-901

The Amstrad 901 is one of the UK's most under-rated CB Radios. Frowned upon as been a shitter with its 10-1 rodger bleep, although under the hood, its well built and performs superbly well, with crisp clean FM audio and trendy hi-tech 1980's stylin featuring a 'fairy lights' signal meter reminiscent of the Amstrad HiFi's of the same time.

Amstrad 901 Service Manual | Amstrad 901 Schematic Diagram

Cobra 25 ST LTD Classic Cobra 25 UK

The Cobra 25 UK, released in various models including LTD, Sound Tracker (ST) and NightWatch (NW), a popular UK CB bought mainly because of the brand, however if people thought this radio was going to be a 27/81 version of the mighty 148GTL-DX, they can think again. Apart from the looks, the two could not be further apart with this radio sounding very disapointing on the air.

Cobra 25 UK Owners Manual | Cobra 25 LTD Service Manual

Maycom EM27 CB Radio Maycom EM-27

The Maycom EM27 seemed a pleasing all round radio for chucking in the vehicle and going mobile. Sturdy and compact design and boasting many features, also has plenty of potential frequency coverage as well as the obvious legal CB Radio bands. A little dull on outgoing modulation but still a decent workhorse for basic CB'ing.

Maycom EM27 Owners Manual | Maycom EM27 Schematc Diagram

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